Name:  Phil Brierley

Company: Marcus Millichap

Position: Vice President Investments, Managing Broker

What does your company do? The Salt Lake City office of Marcus & Millichap provides real estate investment sales, research information and advisory services for investment real estate assets of all kinds. Our agents leverage the firm’s national marketing platform to provide real estate investors with access to the industry’s largest inventory of deliverable commercial property as well as to the largest pool of qualified private and institutional buyers and sellers.

What do you do for your company?  I’m a Vice President of Investments, focused primarily on Office, Medical Office and Industrial Investment sales. I also act as the principal broker for the firm here in Utah.

What are you working on right now?  Currently just trying to stay ahead of the market and understand where there is still opportunity in the world of COVID. And keeping my work schedule effective while working from home!

Best career advice you’ve received?  The best career advice I received, was that in business, particularly finance, you are either a profit center or a cost center. If you’re a cost center, you will get paid as little as possible to keep you. If you’re a profit center, you will get paid as much as required to keep you. Which is why being on the deal side has always made sense to me.

Best career advice you’ve given?  Haha. I think that’s a question for others? I probably just dusted off the above advice and pretended it was my own idea?

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I used to be in an indie rock band that toured the world, and won a bunch of South African Music awards. A little different to what I do now.