Hello NAIOP Utah members and industry pros!

What a year! Hard to believe it’s already September! As you know, this is the month we honor the Developer of the Year. Due to COVID gathering restrictions, the NAIOP Utah Board has chosen to cancel this year’s event. Yes, we could do it virtually, but much of the applause and excitement would be lost. We’d rather go big and give the Developer of the Year the honor they deserve in front of a live audience. Check out 2019 Developer of the Year.

Additionally, last November we successfully held our inaugural NAIOPOLY event. Once again, due to COVID gathering restrictions, this year’s event will be canceled. The format of NAIOPOLY would not translate well virtually. We don’t want to lose the excitement created at last year’s event. Check out 2019 NAIOPOLY.

We appreciate your understanding with these decisions. We are excited about our plans for bigger and better events to come! Your involvement as a member is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continue providing valuable programming (even if not in person) and great networking and business development opportunities in the future. Thank you!


NAIOP Utah Board of Directors