Name:  Lance A. Dunkley

Company: Maverik, Inc., the coolest convenience experience on the planet!

Position: Vice President of Real Estate

What does your company do? Convenience retailing. We build the coolest convenience experience on the planet!

What do you do for your company? I am responsible for all real estate development and major capital deployment for Maverik. More specifically, I am over land acquisition and leasing, entitlements, design and construction of new retail stores, and rebuilds and remodels of existing stores.

What are you working on right now? I am having gobs of fun working on growth acceleration, strategic planning, identifying new markets, and resolving day-to-day challenges related to real estate transactions.

Best career advice you’ve received?  “Always do what you say you’ll do.”  This is not original advice, but when life gets busy I’m not great at this.  However, nothing makes me more upset at myself than not following this advice.

Best career advice you’ve given?  “Hard is good!”  This is my life moto, which my kids hate.

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I have just started jiu jitsu.  I’m not good, but I am enjoying it.