Name: Kristen McCann (spouse: NAIOP Utah member – Sean McCann, Associate with Hines Development Team)

Company: Industrious (Industrious National Management Company, LLC)

Position: Community Manager of The Square with Industrious SLC

What does your company do? Industrious is the leading flexible workplace provider for companies of all sizes and stages. With a national network spanning 50-plus cities and the highest member satisfaction score in the industry, Industrious is uniquely suited to support your business’s needs today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

What do you do for your company? I am the Community Manager which entails – as the name implies – cultivating a community among our diverse member base, local marketing, facilities management, and the overall operations management our 24,000 sq ft property at Kearns Building (we occupy the 3rd & 4th floors).

What are you working on right now? We are currently seeking new members for our recently launched location at Kearns Building – we opened mid-Summer of 2020. As someone who is still relatively new to Salt Lake City (moved here Summer of 2019), I am looking to expand my network and meet more CRE professionals in the office broker industry and in the general community. We love to partner locally when we can, so this year especially we want to elevate brands that our members identify with.

Best career advice you’ve received? If early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late don’t bother showing up. One of my Commanding Officers used to preach this, and it taught me a lot about personal accountability and respect from a young professional age and it’s something that stuck with me over the years.

Best career advice you’ve given? Think like a janitor & never be too good to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. My grandfather taught me about work ethic from a very young age, and I will never ask my teammates to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Compassion, humility, and hard work go a long way in giving you credibility and trust in an organization.

What is the top lesson you’ve learned navigating the pandemic (personally and/or professionally)? Personally, I have learned a lot as I recently became a momma to baby Beau (4 months)! What a wild ride – I am buckled in tight, because each day throws a new curveball. It’s the best job title I have ever held, though. While I did WFH for a few months in March – June, I realized very quickly that I am not a good candidate for working remote. I am way too extroverted, and the work / home life blended to the point of confusion – scheduling time on my calendar for workouts and making a hard stop time was really important.

Professionally, I think the pandemic allowed me to truly slow down. As Rick Bobby says, “I wanna go fast!” It was important to take a moment to pause and realize workplace strategy was changing drastically for companies, and we were all navigating uncharted waters. Industrious has done an amazing job of meeting individuals and companies right where they’re at – office space on their terms, with more flexibility and support than ever. I am already seeing a strong uptick in tours and closed seats at The Square with Industrious, and we look forward to welcoming more members back to work whenever they’re ready.

What is one thing people don’t know about you? There isn’t much folks don’t know about me, because I have never met a stranger and will easily divulge my entire life story if you get me chatting long enough and I will find out yours too – did we just become best friends?! One thing that I do like to tease Sean about is that I have more sea time than he does… he spent 8 years in the Navy as an officer, mostly as a nuclear engineer, so that’s saying something. My first career was managing the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs onboard the USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD-8). I completed two WESTPAC deployments and a third tour with the USNS MERCY (T-AH 19) for their Pacific Partnership in 2016 supporting our Sailors and Marines. While I didn’t formally serve in the military, I was so proud to contribute in a way that felt meaningful and impactful to the overall well-being of our nation’s heroes.