Name:  Serra Lakomski

Company: Rockworth Companies

Position: Development Associate

What does your company do? Rockworth Companies has over 20 years of development history specializing in developing multifamily, retail, mixed-use and other commercial space. Whether building a project from the ground up or remodeling an old building into something new, Rockworth has the experience and the personnel to help.  In addition to its expertise, Rockworth’s financial capacity allows it to transact on a variety of development and financing structures.  Rockworth is also, a HUD-preferred sponsor and property manager, providing financing options for our multifamily projects in the form of HUD construction loans or more traditional financing. We strive to create real estate projects that create long term value for ourselves and our investors that also provide a great a compliment to their surroundings.

What do you do for your company I assist in the development of Multifamily, Retail and Office projects across the state of Utah as well as California, Idaho and other intermountain states. I aid in investigating and underwriting potential projects for financial, market and infrastructure feasibility.  I regularly prepare executive summaries for our internal investment committee.  I aid in the management of the architecture and engineering process through entitlement and also take part in construction management during the build period.  I am also regularly involved in research for condominium, LIHTC and other affordable housing projects.

What are you working on right now? Various ground up developments – mostly multifamily and mixed-use, as well as underwriting for potential projects. Day to day development management and tasks. See our site for some of our current development projects

Best career advice you’ve received? As JK Rowling said, “Embrace your failures”. This allows you to be the best version of yourself and do better in the future. Another good one was from the grandfather of the founder of Shake Shack who said, “The people who do the best in business are not the ones with the least problems, they are the people who solve their problems better and have more fun doing it with better people.”

Best career advice you’ve given? Do something you enjoy, where you are able to be curious, ask questions, be creative, and have fun.

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I have two French Bulldogs named Angus and Yeti who are the best hiking buddies around. In high school I raced for Rowmark Ski Academy.